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bullet Second Edition  Handbook for Criminal Appeals in the Seventh Circuit, : This updated handbook authored by our office is a guide for any lawyer litigating a criminal appeal in the Seventh Circuit. It contains a step-by-step guide to the appellate process, from the filing of the notice of appeal to seeking certiorari in the United States Supreme Court and CJA voucher submission. In addition to the ten chapters on all aspects of criminal appellate practice in the Seventh Circuit, there are also 40 sample motions and 15 sample letters frequently used by lawyers on appeal.
bullet Updated 10/18/13: 7th Cir. Criminal Case Summaries by Topic: August 2013 through Present
bulletUpdated 10/18/13: Issues Currently Pending In Criminal Cases in the Seventh Circuit
bulletUpdated 10/18/13: List of Criminal Case Issues Currently Pending in the U.S.Supreme Court
bulletUpdated 10/18/13: List of Seventh Circuit "Crime of Violence" and "Violent Felony" Cases
bullet Appellate Case Evaluation and Anders Brief Checklist
bullet7th Circuit Criminal Case Summaries Organized by Topic: August 2012 through July 2013
bullet 7th Circuit Criminal Case Summaries Organized by Topic: April 2012 through July 2012


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